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Don’ts of Logo Design!

Written By: admin - Jan• 04•12

Mistakes of Logo Design

Some mistakes must be avoided while you are thinking to have a Logo or Brand identity for your business (small or corporate).

Hiring Amateur designer, close friends or relatives who have little ideas about graphic design or Designing a Logo by own just to save money is the biggest mistake. Remember Your Logo is forever! It is going to present your whole business to the world, a Logo represents a Company. So an Unprofessional Logo will kill your Business reputation. So, don’t try to save money, spend enough to have a corporate looking Logo design for your own business. Remember, you are going to pay for one time only. :)

The major mistake by some amateur Designers while designing a logo is, using any free symbols, Vector or icon, Stock Arts in Logo. Your Logo must be unique, Original and fully designed by your own. Downloading free icon or symbols (designed by others) and putting them into your own Design is not a good choice, many others might be using it.

While Illustrating a Business Logo, It is not wise decision to follow the latest trends always. Trends are changing, but keep in mind that, you are designing a Logo for long time. Use your own creativity, be unique. Put your own style into the Design, be exceptional!

Using Raster or bitmap Images for logo design is the biggest mistake ever! Logo design must be in vector Image format. Use Vector Image Software like- Adobe illustrator or CorelDraw for Creating a Logo.

Don’t use too much color to your logo design. It will just make the Logo look funky, eye stunning. At most 3 Color, not more than that. I really prefer to start the design with only Black and White. There are also some One colored logo available which look really cool. If needed add one or more colors to it. Make multiple raw files and finally choose the best Design.

Choose your font wisely. Don’t use too many texts, sub-titles to your Logo design. No need to describe all your business in that one Tiny Logo. Using only company or business name is clever. Your Design will talk more.


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