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Print Design Mistakes – must be avoided

Written By: admin - Dec• 29•11

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Some Designers may have this bad experience – A Printed brochure is in hand, distorted, glowing word arts are looking like burning holes. It’s not expected. Right?

Designers may get disappointed for some little mistakes while designing for Print. Your designs may look great at screen but look disaster when printed out. Here some usual mistakes are mentioned which a designers must be care about –

  • While Designing in RGB mode: Printer has an application to interpret data which uses Color space. (Color space -simply describes the range of colors, or gamut, that a camera can see, a printer can print, or a monitor can display.) If color space doesn’t match, problem may occur at the printing output.  It is best to use CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and “key,” an old printing press term for black) mode to work while designing with Photoshop or illustrator for print design. The natural blank canvas for CMYK is paper.
  • Selecting Right black:  CMYK value refers to a set of 4 numbers between one and 100 representing the amount of each color mixed in to achieve the desired color.
  • Using proper resolution: Low resolution is bad for both print and screen. It is important to design with perfect resolution. Monitor resolution by default is 72ppi (pixel per inch) for RGB mode, where printers resolution mostly- 300dpi or 600dpi (dots per inch). It is best practice to use 300ppi , so that each pixel will translated into dots, for print design.

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