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Portrait Retouch- Photoshop tutorial

Written By: admin - Nov• 21•11

Portrait retouch Photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial Of  Portrait Retouch.

Open the Portrait Image with Adobe Photoshop.

Copy the background layer.

Go to Image -> adjustment-> brightness/contrast

Give the settings

Press OK

Create a New layer

Rename the Layer as ‘face-color’

Select a Nice foreground color for skin tone.

I have chosen #f3dbcc

Select Brush Tool  brush tool

Paint the Face area at the new Layer with less opacity.

Photo retouch


Like this, you can also give a nice tone to body color.

Photoshop tutorial


Merge Body-color Layer and Face-color layer with background copy layer.

Background copy selected

Go to image-adjustment-color balance

Give the settings

Photo retouch

Press OK


Select Lasso tool 

Select two eyes with the Lasso Tool together

Go to Image-> adjustment-> color balance

Give the settings

portrait retouch

I prefer a blue tone here.


Add a New Layer

Select foreground color #eb75af

Color the lip area on that new layer

Decrease the opacity of the new layer to 56%

Photo editing

 Select the New Layer

Change the color mode of the Layer to ‘color burn’



We will get the look.

Portrait Retouch- Photo manipulation


Wanna to add more?

Let’s add some color effects.

Add 3 colors (#f318e6, #18f360, #18e6f3) on a new layer

Decrease the opacity of the layer

POrtrait retouch


Change the color mode to ‘Overlay’

Merge two new layers with background copy layer

Copy the Background copy layer again

Merge background copy and Background copy2 layer.

Select Background copy2 layer


Select Burn tool  photoshop editing

Make Exposure 20%

Darken the eye circle area.

POrtrait retouch

You can Add some brushes as you like here.

Photo Manipulation, POrtrait retouch Tutorial


Hope you enjoyed the Tutorial.


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